bug blogging

The week in DC was followed by the week of weddings, hence the blogging hiatus. But now I’m back, and ready to talk about bugs!

Pictured here are some Colorado potato beetle larvae, currently in the process of eating my potatoes. I’ve always wondered where these things come from. They only ever show up on potato plants, but they are almost always on those plants, and in force. But how does a critter with such a limited diet manage to be so widespread? I live in an urban area, no hub for potato agriculture, and the plants only got there from the throwing old vegetables at the brick wall on the side of my house game.

According to this site, the beetles simply fly around until they find the right plant. So they are traversing the countryside, ready to settle down in every small garden potato and eggplant they might find. For some reason, this thought makes me happy.


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