by any other name

One of the most irritating recent tendencies in American politics is the rise of PR-tested catchphrases meant to twist language for partisan ends (“death tax” being the nonpareil example). Now you don’t even need to live in Washington DC to play that game. Witness this statement on the Cherokee Freedmen by Principal Chief Chad Smith:

We have said that this group’s effort to stop the election was a remedy in search of a wrong, as all eligible non-Indian Freedmen citizens of the Cherokee Nation can vote in this election. We’re also pleased that his decision respects our tribal court decisions and the more than 300 non-Indian Freedmen who won a ruling in our tribal court to participate in the June 23 election.


2 responses to “by any other name

  1. Tiara Etheridge

    Huh, “a remedy in search of a wrong.” What non-sensical airhead came up with that contradiction? Oh, public relations- now that makes total sense. (If Nanette Light reads this, I’m just kidding and you are an awesome writer.) Gene, you’re doing a great job. I love the quote for your site! Very funny, and ironically true.

  2. But the statement is true. The specific freedmen in question are those without Indian descent, ergo Non Indian Freedmen. The Freedmen who have Indian descent will continue to maintain Cherokee Citizenship rights. There is no play of words here.

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