moving day

For the rest of the year I will be blogging at The Periscope, my new home on the University of Oklahoma student Hub. I hope all of you who have enjoyed my posts here will follow me to the new site. I’ll return to this blog in 2008.


One response to “moving day

  1. hi Gene, I hope you can make it work over there. with the blog.. I tried submitting a comment at your first post and, as so often with comments, it disappeared into some kind of “waiting for approval” void, which is what happens about half the time I would guess when I submit comments at I saw that Tiara Etheridge had a couple of posts now so I went and looked to see how that worked on the page – they are one on top of each other on the page, with some comments at the bottom not associated in any way with the specific posts that were being commented on, no titles or relevant materials in the margins, etc… It’s too bad you could not get them to set up an installation of WordPress or something so that you could have some look and feel but some actual blogging technology – right now it feels like multiple articles on the same page but not very bloggy… Anyway, I hope you CAN make it work! :-)

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