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book review: my stroke of insight

This is a quick and easy read (I finished it in two days), but don’t let that fool you. It’s full of fascinating insights into our brains from the unique perspective of a neuroscientist who temporarily lost half of hers to a stroke. Her story is invaluable for stroke victims and their friends and families. But it can also help the rest of us understand what we are, how our brains process information to form our day to day personalities, and how to take ownership of that process to live a better life. For a preview of the topics covered in this book, you can see the author give a short presentation on it here.


book review: the natural

The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton

This is a very insightful and well-written look at the Clinton presidency.  It falls flat in a few places, especially when he tries to talk about events in 2000-2001 under Bush (it was published in 2002).  But where he has the greater perspective of history, Klein does a great job of showing how Bill Clinton’s unique personality, talents, and flaws played out in his administration.

More importantly, we can see the political beginnings of issues like NAFTA and universal health care and people like Hillary Clinton and Mark Penn that have reemerged so prominently this year.  Knowing what’s happened since then gives the book an extra layer of meaning and enjoyment.  Klein also demonstrates the Clintons’ ability to weather scandals and Republican attacks through sheer persistence and a bunker mentality.  This may go a long way to explaining why Hillary is still in the race today.